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Sometimes life and eating healthy can be a challenge

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Dr. Ilga B. Winicov Harington

Ilga Winicov
Harrington, Ph.D.

B.A. and Ph.D. Bacteriology/Microbiology - U. of Pennsylvania; M.S. Microbiology - U. of Wisconsin.  Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellow, Inst. for Cancer Research Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pa.
Academic Appointments
Temple U. School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Fels Research Institute - Assistant Professor. / U. of Nevada Reno, School of Medicine, Biochemistry and Microbiology Departments, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor. / Arizona State University, Department of Plant Sciences, Research Professor.
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Ilga Winicov Harrington, Ph.D.

Author of "Uncharted Journey from Riga"

Uncharted Journey bookHard CoverE-Book

Author of "How to Eat Healthy and Well for Less Than $5.00 a Day"

How to eat healthy and will for less than $5.00 A Day book
Blog: ilgaWH.blogspot.com
Food Columnist 'Lincoln County News'

Are you searching for a quality and insightful healthy living blog with tips on improving your diet and nurturing your body?

Check out the health blog by Winicov Harrington, where you can read practical and valuable health and diet tips from an experienced professor of microbiology. Her experience in molecular biology and the kitchen offers a one-of-a-kind perspective and insight into health and food. Plus, you can discover new recipes, colorful dishes, and the most nutritious meals with Winicov Harrington.
Blog: //ilgawh.blogspot.com
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